Concrete Inspections Can Save Your Ass-ets!

Now is the perfect time to take us up on our offer for a complimentary inspection – before winter snow and cold impact your concrete. Mike Hubbard, who joined HEXA as Sales Manager last spring, will walk your site with your property manager or mechanical engineer, discuss your issues, and tell you precisely what it will take to resolve them. With expertise built over four decades, Mike knows the concrete industry literally from the ground up and has experience in all aspects of the business.

Mike will help you protect your concrete investment by locating and correcting the actual cause of your damage, not just patching up a symptom. Common issues he’s seeing in recent garage inspections include:

Give us a call to schedule an inspection with Mike. He’ll assess your structure for signs of vulnerability, provide you with a bid, and help you take preventive action or budget for 2022. You can count on the HEXA team – Colorado’s concrete experts – to keep you ahead of the game with a plan for affordable maintenance and repairs.