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HEXA Defies Gravity in Adams County  

After more than 20 years of weathering Colorado’s climate, this prominent local building’s  windows – spanning six stories – needed a robust, long-term fix. The objective of the project was to caulk between the windows and the building, ensuring a watertight seal. This called for wet sealing, a process that uses a “wet” silicone product to securely join dissimilar materials. The project scope included all exterior windows on the second floor and above, requiring an impressive three miles of sealant!

“At HEXA, we’re not just concrete repair experts, we’re problem solvers. We live for big challenges!” proclaimed Darren Ashford, HEXA Sales Estimator.

This project is a testament to HEXA’s technical expertise, teamwork, and commitment to excellence. HEXA embraced the unique challenges it presented and delivered outstanding results.

First, HEXA assembled a team of four skilled professionals, divided into two groups, to efficiently manage the project. Each member brought their unique set of skills and experience to the table, ensuring seamless execution.

Then, HEXA employed an innovative swing stage scaffolding that would rival any skyscraper window cleaner’s ride. With the ability to handle heavy loads with ease, this suspended platform allowed HEXA’s team to work from the top down, ensuring access to all areas of the building.

Rain presented additional challenges to the schedule and to safety. Both were easily managed with HEXA’s attention to detail, efficient communication, and exceptional safety practices.

Over the course of the project, the team’s superior communication skills shined through. “We recognize that keeping everyone informed and aligned with project goals is crucial to maintaining productivity and delivering top-notch results,” Darren affirmed.

This unconventional waterproofing project was publicly bid and after a rigorous selection process, HEXA was awarded the project. Darren attests, “Landing the project can be attributed to our commitment to building strong relationships with our customers, which often leads to repeat business and positive referrals. We treat every customer like family, and we believe in leaving a lasting impression of quality and satisfaction.”