HEXA is Up for the Challenge!

HEXA is currently working on an extensive and interesting repair at the top of the huge atrium at Wells Fargo Bank in Denver, which needs to be resealed. The area apparently started leaking several years ago and was undetected at first. Eventually, the leaks became visible, then progressed to the point that buckets sometimes had to be put down to catch water during heavy rains or snow melts.

This massive project will require cutting out and removing the old, weakened sealant and installing new caulking on all window-to-window joints. It will require at least six months to complete. To give you an idea of the scope of this job, once it’s done, we will have replaced 52,000 linear feet of caulking on 2,900 windows – many of which we can only access by tying ourselves off and using the 14 ladders that are attached to the exterior of the building. No fear of heights here!!

This is a perfect example of the damage Colorado weather can inflict on buildings and why periodic inspections are so critical. When windows have not been checked and resealed at regular intervals, caulking can deteriorate and water leaks can sometimes result in structural damage depending on where they occur. We’d like to offer you a free inspection to make sure your concrete and sealants are sound.