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Innovative Solutions to Challenging Concrete Repairs

At HEXA, we thrive on finding innovative solutions to challenges that stump others. Our recent revitalization of an iconic complex in Denver showcased the diversity of our skills. This multifaceted project included post-tension repairs, waterproofing, and the meticulous routing and sealing of cracks. The project exemplified our ability to not only restore but enhance structures to make them strong and secure.

Project Highlights:

•   Removed waterproofing and concrete overlay under porch deck
•   Caulking application
•   Preparation for waterproofing installation
•   Stress testing of post tension tendon
•   Drain placement
•   Installed drains
•   Poured concrete
•   Prepared coating
•   Overhead patching
•   Crack grinding and caulking
•   Restored and reinstalled decking
•   Epoxy sand overlay application
•   Installed PVC pipes
•   Reinstalled brick pavers
•   Waterproofed

Overcoming the Unpredictable 

Colorado doesn’t play nice when it comes to weather. With our state’s drastic temperature swings and unpredictable precipitation, we go into each project understanding that it will often require innovative approaches. Throughout this particular project, we were able to meet unforeseen challenges with strategic solutions and thorough planning. We also found ways to navigate inclement weather with flexible project schedules and met logistical and technical complexities head on to ensure minimal delays and optimal progress.

The project stands as a testament to HEXA’s commitment to quality, problem-solving, and perseverance. From initial assessments to final implementation, every phase was executed with precision and dedication. The complex was restored through the collaborative efforts and expertise of the HEXA team.

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