It’s a Wrap!

The HEXA team has decades of experience, and we pride ourselves on staying current on the most innovative and cost-effective ways to keep your concrete working for you. Our team is currently tackling a complex and interesting project – reinforcing two concrete columns at the main entrance of an older apartment building in Denver to extend their longevity.

These columns are structural, running six feet above and three feet below the surface concrete, so their weight-bearing capability is critical to the building. To ensure that they can continue to do their job, we are strengthening these columns by pouring concrete then adding a carbon fiber wrap to further reinforce the columns.

Fiber-reinforced wraps can be up to ten times stronger than steel, yet thinner and flexible to help increase the load-bearing capacity of concrete. Shoring up the columns is a complex, multi-step process. The project is rewarding because by extending the life of the columns, we are extending the life of the building itself.

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