Reinforcing your Trust in Post-Tension Repair

Post-tensioning has been an effective technique for reinforcing concrete in parking structures and garages for decades. Here’s some background on the basics of post-tensioning. Although post-tensioned structures typically have better track records when it comes to maintenance, they are complex systems that are subject to some specific vulnerabilities, especially when initial installation was less than ideal. Identifying and correcting problems requires special investigation and repair expertise and techniques.

There are several challenges to consider with post-tension repair work:

  • Many buildings have unknown history. Present-day building owners may not know what materials or systems were involved when their structures were built. Trained experts can spot and diagnose issues quickly.
  • Specialized knowledge is rare. Knowing how to repair older concrete structures requires specific experience and specialty tools. Dealing with post-tensioning systems can present conundrums for any contemporary engineer who is unfamiliar with how to diagnose or repair its unique issues.
  • Repairs can be costly when contractors aren’t properly trained. When a structure or building needs a repair, specifically post-tension repair, the investment can get out of control if the contractors don’t possess practical application and hands-on experience. These repairs also come with inherent challenges and safety risks.

This doesn’t mean post-tension repair needs to be a huge stressor. Still, it’s critical to choose a team with extensive knowledge as well as field experience with safe, efficient diagnostics and restoration techniques. Post-tension repair is one of HEXA’s specialties and a technique in which we have certification through the Post-Tensioning Institute.

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