Smoothing Things Over

HEXA is working hard to make your properties work better for you! Our expert crews recently made some repairs and installed a new pedestrian coating on five balconies at a property in Denver. This short video shows some of the work.

Concrete damage is common in Colorado. It occurs when water intrudes into concrete joints and cracks then freezes and expands, which can cause the existing coating to fail. For this project, water began leaking into the interior of the building due to the compromised coating. The fixes included removing the deteriorated coating, repairing and replacing the damaged concrete, and then installing a brand-new pedestrian coating for a final seal and finish.

Had these issues not been addressed, water would have continued to leak into the building, creating damage to the interior and the need for costly repairs. You can stay ahead of potential damage and unnecessary expense! Watch for evidence of concrete spalling – round or oval depressions on surfaces or along joints, damaged ceiling tiles, and leaking around interior windows.

We offer complimentary inspections of your concrete. We’ll help you identify issues and allow you to plan for preventive maintenance or repairs before winter weather takes a bigger toll – not only on your concrete but on your wallet. Give us a call today to get on the schedule!