HEXA 20 Year Celebration

We celebrated our 20th anniversary at a great party on January 23, 2020. We’re so grateful for all of our friends who were able to join us.

A Solid History
Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown to one of the largest and most well respected locally owned and operated concrete repair companies in Colorado – and we owe that to all of our great customers and partners.  We are so thankful for the friendships that have built our company.

An Exciting Future
We’ve renamed our company to HEXA™ – A McDonald Company to mark the end of a successful 20 years and the beginning of a new phase in our growth. We’re the same great company, run by the same people, with the same values. Represented by the hexagon shape in our new logo, HEXA emphasizes that we are excellent, efficient, and strong under pressure.

Thank you for being a part of building our legacy and joining us in this exciting phase of growth!

Please comment if there is any way we can serve you, and return to the What’s New page on our website to hear about future fun events we’re planning!