The Best Fix for Horizontal Concrete Surfaces

Can you waterproof flat concrete surfaces?

YES! And in Colorado weather, horizontal waterproofing is a must.

Plazas, parking decks, rooftop terraces, and balconies in Colorado face a multitude of stressors. They all need waterproofing that can withstand exposure to wide temperature swings, frequent freeze/melt cycles, strong UV rays, salt and de-icing chemicals, and heavy traffic – all while looking good.

Products used for above-grade waterproofing differ substantially from their below-grade counterparts. A structure with no flashings, no sealants, and no membranes on the roof and walls would last only a few years. These above-grade concrete surfaces also need to resist abrasion and corrosion.

What is Horizontal Waterproofing?
Horizontal waterproofing applies a thin layer (generally between 60 to 120 mils) of continuous water-tight material over a surface. For example, on a flat terrace, horizontal waterproofing is applied above the structural slab and below the finish tiles at a sloped angle to ensure there is not standing water or seepage.

To give you a long-term fix and put an end to your surface water damage, the expert HEXA team uses two types of horizontal waterproofing applications: liquid applied membranes and sheet-good membranes. We use only the highest quality of materials for a strong, flexible, tear-resistant product that stretches over cracks, flexibly takes the shape of what it covers, and resists our harsh Colorado weather. 

  1. Sheet-good Horizontal Waterproofing
    HEXA’s sheet-good waterproofing provides continuous, consistent thickness and strong adhesion to bond tightly with your surface and ensure water does not seep into the structural slab.
  1. Liquid Horizontal Waterproofing
    We spray or brush-on our liquid waterproofing and can thereby regulate the thickness as needed. The procedure is very fast and air cures the liquid into a seamless, joint-free membrane.

Protect the Investment in Your Building’s Exteriors.
Now’s the time to spruce up your building for Spring! With HEXA’s fast, quality repairs, your outdoor spaces will be back to looking beautiful and professional in no time.

Contact us today and we’ll find the best solution to end your puddles, pooling, and concrete damage once and for all!