What’s all the Fuss About Post-Tension Repair?

We’ve been talking a lot about post-tensioning lately because in Denver, we have an interesting combination of many old parking garages around the city, combined with a lot of new engineers. Post-tensioning has been an effective technique for reinforcing concrete in parking structures and garages for decades, and even though they have good track records with regard to maintenance, it’s important to identify and correct problems early.

When an inspection reveals a problem that needs to be addressed, it’s critical to choose a company with post-tension expertise to execute the repair. Certification from the Post Tensioning Institute (PTI) alone is often not a sufficient indicator for safe, quality repairs. Experience is key.

PTI is a nonprofit organization that has generated manuals, best practice procedures, and certification classes designed to train engineers and field personnel in correct post-tensioning installation. However, installation and repair are totally different animals. The PTI training manuals, while important, cannot be applied to both activities.

Plus, no two repairs are exactly alike. Sometimes technicians don’t even know what they’re dealing with until they start removing concrete from a structure — a potentially dangerous process for anyone without adequate hands-on experience.

That’s why direct experience with post-tension repairs is crucial. This includes experience with building inspections, practical knowledge of specialized tools, and recent history performing repairs on a variety of different structures.

HEXA technicians have comprehensive training including hands-on experience with installation, assembly, and safety regarding post-tensioning replacement and repair so they can:

  • Help diagnose cracking slab or joint misalignment
  • Figure out why chemicals are leaking from within the walls
  • Determine the weak points in a structure and calculate exactly how to strengthen them
  • Keep safety the utmost priority

Post-tension repair is an important investment and trusting your job to just anyone can be a very costly mistake. Reach out to us today, and let’s chat about how we can help support your post-tension repair needs.